Our White Doves

Releasing white doves is an elegant and affordable addition to Weddings, Funerals and many Other Occasions.

textWe keep very well cared for and extremely highly trained white doves from pure white racing pigeon stock.

Our birds are related to the Rock Dove or Columbia Livia, to give them their correct name.  They are generally smaller and much more delicate than normal 'pigeons'.

Our doves live in specially hand built bespoke 'lofts' and their welfare is of the utmost importance to us.  Their lofts are cleaned every day.

The doves are innoculated annually and fed on a diet of the best food available.  They receive vitamins and organic supplements to their diet regularly to ensure their continued well being.  They also have fresh water provided to them on a daily basis.

Dove welfare is our priority

Our doves are precious to us and we take every precaution to protect them and ensure their safety at all times.

We will not release birds if conditions become unsafe for them so therefore we will not release indoors, at night or during very bad weather. Weather conditions which prevent release include high winds, heavy rain and fog.

If conditions prove unacceptable for release on the day then we reserve the right to substitute another service or provide a refund at our discretion.

We also cannot release the doves too close to dusk.  They are homing birds and need time to reach home safely after their release. They cannot fly in the dark.

We will not release birds beyond a range that they are able to fly safely home from.

A handler will be present before and during every release - we will not send doves for self-release.  Although our doves are trained to the highest standard, because they are live birds we are not able to guarantee that they will perform exactly as required every time.

Classic Doves has a public liability insurance of 2,000,000.

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"I would just like to thank you both for the wonderful service you provided with the beautiful doves at my daughter Charlotte's wedding. It was enjoyable and caused many a tear ! All the guests commented on the release of the doves and I am sure that many will be using your service in the future."

"I just wanted to say thank you to Classic Doves for the most beautiful and uplifting ceremony of the dove release at my husbands funeral on Weds. It was a lovely distraction and a very touching moment."
  White Dove Release - Housing

White Dove Release - Housing